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W-163, S Block, MIDC Bhosari
Pune, Maharashtra, India -411026
Tel: +91 020-271 21644
       +91 982 201 4839

Prasad Meditech has been recognized for their innovative top performance within plastics technology. The driving forces of our success story are a deep understanding of technology and of customer`s specifications, visionary thinking, highest quality awareness and the desire to never stand still. Today, with a Clientele involving top players in pharmaceutical industry throughout the world.
We are the preferred components solution providers for IV application. Consumer Goods or Pharmaceuticals we are the preferred Plastic Component Solution providers .

we understand the enormous responsibility inherent - right from the start - in the development and shape of a high technology product up to series production. Our common goal is an optimal product of highest quality.
Our wide experience of more than 10 years in manufacturing IV components creates the basis for the transfer of customer projects into our production. Depending onthe customer concern we offer pilot productions up to a demanding series production. Indifferent production environments, regular and clean room production we find innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Medical products make extreme demands in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Millions of people throughout the whole world entrust their everyday lives to pharmaceutical products without thinking about it We are aware of our responsibility for products that safeguard human health.

When we talk about cleanliness, we're talking about over 10 years of experience in clean room production. The most state-of-the-art clean room technology with a cleanest water system, a 3-stage filter system, an unerring access control system ensures the air purity of the entire room. Clean Room at Prasad Meditech complies to Class 10000 standards.